Our Journey

We Have Come A Long Way

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Our Objectives

Quality content for all: We believe that money should not act as a hider to the growth of your company. Invest a small amount in content and witness your profit grow!

Merging quality writers: Numerous quality content writers in India are not given enough credit for their work. Our Content-whale platform gives great exposure and a positive work atmosphere for all the writers.

Organized process: Be it any content service, we ensure that the process is uniform, and our clients have a hassle-free content curation experience.

Only the best: A diamond has to undergo numerous cuts before it shines bright. Similarly, the content written by the writers is polished further by our editorial team to make it error-free and lucrative.

The content market in India is unorganized. Several companies need SEO-friendly, relevant, and traffic luring content, but do not get quality content writers. We are here to close this gap. Content-Whale aims to provide quality content, which will boost the digital presence of all the companies and bring in quality customers and revenue through the internet.

Our motto is to help all the businesses, be it budding companies or established firms alike. We help to set up a massive and superior presence on all the digital platforms with the help of content. We aim to cut down the budget spent by companies in making a decent online presence through content. We also focus on maintaining work ethics, punctuality, professionalism, and a pleasant work environment.

Meet Our Leadership

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Joanne Williams


Fred Buster

Director OPS

Lisa Hoffman​

Director HR