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Benefits of employing SEO-based content to a website

seo based content writing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a marketing strategy that basically targets to push a website to its optimal engagements. It improvises the content or website’s ranking in search results. This can be achieved by researching and utilizing keywords that consumers are searching for and by generating quality content that is valuable to the reader. Easily navigable websites usually get the job done. Better ranking of a website’s content can result in more viewer engagement to the business’s website when they search for keywords related to the article.

Variations between a paid advertisement and organic SEO-based  search result

When it comes to advertising, businesses dabble between paid ads on search engines to promote their content or to write original SEO-based content and appear on the search results organically. Why should one invest in appearing on organic search results instead of paid optimization? Listed below are some of the factors:

  • Reliability:  There comes a certain level of trust and genuinity with websites that appear organically on search results. Organic articles bring with it the reliability of other consumers who click on the website as it basically conveys the message that it helped several other readers with similar keyword needs. Paid advertising for websites is harder to trust for consumers and readers of the websites.
  • Higher Cost: Paid advertising as compared to paid SEO-based content is severely higher in cost. For small or growing businesses. What Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC) pertains is that a business or company has to pay the search engine with every click the website receives through the paid advertisement that sorts through the traffic of the search engine. With organic search results, companies save that capital for further growth and development.
  • Return on Investment(ROI):  With organic search results, the return on investment of the the content improves over time, whereas for a paid advertisement, the return on investment can fade over the course of time. Therefore, for the long haul, organic search results yield better results.

Advantages of SEO-based articles

Seo-based content can provide several favorable chances for your company to grow. Listed below are a few of those advantages:

1.Increased Visibility

One of the main features of SEO is that it assists in increasing the visibility of a website or webpage in search engine result pages(SERPs). A webpage is more likely to appear on the first page of a search when a webpage gets optimized for search engines specifically, thus making it easier and improvising the chance for consumers to find the company. This increment in visibility can, in turn, bring more revenue from the new client base to the company.


Employing an SEO-based content for a company or business is an incredibly cost-effective way to reach through to the target audience. Unlike paid advertising or media promotions on TV or print media, SEO promotions cost way less and get the job done.  By investing a small amount of time, resources and capital, businesses can bag significant ROI.

3.Increased Traffic

A good SEO-based article can drive an increased amount of traffic on the webpage of a company, which in turn, can bring in a higher click-through-rate (CTR) on search engines. While target-based ads may help you reach a certain amount of consumers, an SEO- based webpage may help you reach out to any and all consumer base irrespectively.


Any webpages that appear at the top of a result page guarantee the readers a sense of credibility. The top-ranking websites are the most clicked websites thus it sends the message that the particular webpage was helpful to several readers who typed similar keywords in the search bar. Therefore, investing in SEO-based writing makes your webpage more trustworthy to consumers.

5.Competitive Advantages

If you’re in business, a competition in the market is inevitable. Most likely than not, your competitors are investing in SEO-based writing, and good SEO-based content would ultimately receive a higher amount of visits by readers. Hence, investing in good SEO-based content for your websites will give your business the upper hand when it comes to your competitors. One can start by asking their writers to analyse the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and use it against them.

6.Upholds Content Marketing

By generating meaningful and, most importantly, helpful content for visitors, websites will rank well in searches. A well-written SEO blog will also support content marketing in your websites. Updated content and high-quality structure will highlight your website in a pool of search results.

7.Visible Return On Investment

With the help of SEO, businesses can physically track the ranking and engagement of their web pages. If done the right way, companies can see their website’s ranking improved in search engine results. They, therefore, receive a high return on low investment.

8.New and Improved Website Usability

Sure, high-quality content would increase SEO, but what it can also do is improve the quality of your webpage and make it more user-friendly, accessible and attractive filled with necessary information for consumers. Users are likely to search and click on a website they have previously found useful and effective.


Search Engine Optimization is meat and potatoes to the content marketing industry, as a website can make or break the reach of a business depending on its ranking and user-based engagement. SEO can result in a long-lasting growth of a company exponentially. It is a pivotal part of a digital marketing strategy as it can enhance credibility, trust and bring about dynamic changes in terms of usability. SEO can, furthermore, create brand awareness and expand the reach and target audience simultaneously.