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Applicable Website: This Privacy Policy applies to TransCurators, and henceforth will be referred to as the “Website.” “Website” will also cover any future development of subsidiary websites and mobile applications.

Effective Date: The date that this Privacy Policy comes into effect will be known as the “Effective Date.” The effective date for this Privacy Policy is 25th June 2024.

Parties: The data controller, TransCurators, and the user, you, will hereafter be individually referred to as “Party” and unitedly referred to as “Parties.”

Data Controller: The owner, publisher, and operator of the website are the Data Controller. The Data Controller is responsible for the collection of data. The Data Controller or the Data Controller’s property will be referred to using first-person pronouns such as we, us, our, and ours.

User: Contingent on your agreement to the Privacy Policy and continued use of the website, the user will here forth be referred to as you, the user, or any applicable second-person pronoun such as your and yours.

Services: Any services that we provide and sell through the website will be known as “Services.”

Personal Data: Personal data will be used to refer to any personal data and information that we acquire from your use of the website and our services.


This Privacy Policy details how the Personal Data that we receive is to be used. This Privacy Policy also covers the rights you possess concerning the Personal Data when you use this Website and our Services. This Privacy Policy does not diversify any details about you that we have received through sources other than the website. This Privacy Policy does not expand any of the linked websites or applications.

We are pledged to the protection of your privacy concerning any information you choose to share with us.

By continuing the usage of our website, you have acknowledged this Privacy Policy and agree to the same. You also consent to the use of any information disclosed to us through the website. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy, cease the use of this website immediately.


The Party liable for processing your Personal Data is TransCurators. The Data Controller and the operator of the website are TransCurators. The Data Controller may be contacted here

The Data Protection Officer is Nandini Marwah and may be contacted here


Data processing and related activities take place in . Data may be transferred to companies outside New Delhi , but it will be done such that it adheres to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.


Depending on your use of our website, you will be subjected to different types of Personal Data and its various types of collections.

Registered Users: As a user of the website, you may be asked to register to use the website or to purchase our Services. During the registration process, the following Personal Data will be collected, contingent on your voluntary disclosure of the same: Name and Email address.

Personal Data may be asked for the following reasons:

  • To interact with our representatives through phone, chat, email, and/or any other means
  • To make purchases
  • To receive email notifications regarding marketing
  • To receive our general emails
  • To comment on our content and/or other user-generated content on our website. The content may be in the form of blogs, articles, photographs, videos, participating in forums, bulletin boards, chat rooms, and other similar features.
  • To access our free tools via your email

By completing the registration process, you grant the collection of the Personal Data mentioned above and any data mentioned in the Privacy Policy, as well as the storing, using, and disclosing of the same per the Privacy Policy.

Unregistered Users: If you tend to be a passive user of the website, i.e., you are not registered with the website, you are still subject to Passive Data Collection. Passive Data Collection implies the collection of data through cookies, IP address information, location information, and browser data like history and/or session information.

All Users: The Passive Data collection applies to all users, i.e., unregistered users as well as registered users and visitors of the website.

Sales and Billing Information: For the purchase of any service offered on the website, you will be asked for your credit information, billing address information, and additional specific information for the proper charge of your purchase. The payment and billing information can be stored up to 365 days for active customers and 90 days upon account cancellation. The information is stored to assist you in future purchases with us.

Email Marketing: You may be requested to provide us with your name and email address to receive email marketing communications. This information can only be obtained through your voluntary disclosure.

User Experience: We may request information from you for demographic information and your preferences on occasion. This information is to gather feedback regarding our website and the Services we sell. This information can only be acquired through your voluntary divulgence.

Content Reciprocity: Our Website may allow you to reflect on our content or user-provided content as specified in article 5 section a subsection v. We may collect information that includes, but is not limited to, user name and email address to allow us to respond to your comment if necessary and appropriate.

Combined or Aggregated Information: We reserve the right to combine the Personal Data we collect to enable us to assist you and other consumers efficiently.


Cookies: We may collect information regarding your browsing preferences and such through automatic tracking systems. We may also collect information that you voluntarily disclose through our website.

Cookies are used to make the browsing experience more comfortable and fit to your personal preferences. Cookies are short strings of text used to reserve information regarding a user’s preference and the device they use to access the internet to offer a personalized experience with the website and store your previous preferences. A reduced set of data sent to the user’s browser from a web server is essentially a cookie.

Cookies do not record and store any Personal Data, and neither do they have a risk of transmitting viruses. If you would like to prevent the use of cookies, you may do so, but the website may not work how it was intended to. If you do not have any issues with our Cookie Policy, continue your use of our website.

Technical Cookies: Technical cookies or HTML cookies are used for your ease of navigation and to facilitate your access and use of the website. The use of technical cookies enables you to use the website safely and efficiently. HTML cookies are necessary for communication and to supply the service you requested.

You can manage, deactivate, or cancel the use of cookies through your browser. However, please be conscious of it that doing so may slow down the website and prevent access to some parts of the website. These cookies may be used to collect combined information on the users and how the website is being used through a third-party analytics or statistics provider. The above described is the essential operation of technical cookies.

Temporary cookies are automatically deleted when you end the browsing session, but permanent cookies remain active longer than one particular session. Temporary cookies are used to identify you so that you do not have to log in each time you use the website.

Third-Party Cookies are in no way involved with our website and are sent by a third party to your computer.

Support in Configuring your Browser: If you wish to manage the cookies, that can be done via the settings page of the browser on your device. Please be aware that deleting cookies can remove any preferences that may have been set for the website.

For more information, visit the help page of the browser that you are using.

Log Data: Log files that automatic store information collected during various visits is used by this website, just as a majority of websites make use of log files. The different types of log data that can be stored are as follows:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address
  • Type of browser and device used to view and visit the website
  • Name of Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Date and time of visit
  • Referral page of the user and the exit
  • The number of clicks

The information mentioned above is collected automatically in aggregate form for the proper functioning of the Website and security reasons. The data is processed according to the requirements of the Data Controller.


We reserve the right to Third Party Service Providers to assist with the website and to improve our Services. We may use the Third Party Service Providers for information storage, including but not limited to, cloud storage.

We may provide some of the Personal Data you relay to us to Third Party Service Providers. This is done to help us track usage data which could mean referral websites, dates, and times of page requests, among others. This information is used to understand patterns of usage of the website and to improve the website further.

Third-Party Service Providers may also be used to host the website and fulfill orders concerning the website.

(Some of our Third-Party Service Providers may be located outside India. (If so, where is the Third Party Service Provider located?)

The Personal Data you reveal to us will not be sold or transferred by any means to other third parties without your prior consent.

However, we reserve the right to provide your Personal Data to a third party or multiple third parties for the protection of rights, property, and/or safety of us, our customers and/or third parties, or as required by law.

Your Personal Data will not be shared with any third parties other than in the conditions stipulated in this Privacy Policy. If your Personal Data is to be shared with a third party other than the conditions specified, you will be notified beforehand and will be allowed to prevent the sharing of your Personal Data.


(Any Social Media Plug-ins? Only noticed link to YouTube)


Your Personal Data is stored in secure physical and digital systems, as and when appropriate, to protect it from unauthorized access, disclosure, and/or destruction.

It is to be noted that systems involving the transmission of data via the internet and its electronic storage are not completely secure. However, we take the security and storage of your Personal Data with the utmost seriousness and take all the necessary steps to do so.

Only the assigned writing team, which consists of the writer(s), editor(s), and project manager will have access to your Personal Data. Purchase transaction details and payment methods are stored and processed by a third party. Reputable third parties are hosts for the website, which are all backed by SSL certificates.

Your Personal Data is stored for the duration of your relationship with us. Personal Data will be deleted when you request a cancellation of your accounts or any specific information.

In the matter of a Personal Data breach, all applicable measures will be taken to follow the laws in such an event. You will be informed of the violation in a reasonable time frame of no later than two weeks since the date of the breach.


The primary use of your Personal Data is to provide the services and/or information you require to deliver a better experience with the website.

Information that doesn’t identify you, such as but not limited to cookies, is meant to provide an overall view of our customer base to help market research and the efforts of the marketing team.

Your Personal Data that can be considered identifying are used for the below-given purposes:

  • To improve your personal user experience
  • To communicate with you about your user account and relationship with us
  • To market and advertise, via email
  • To fulfill the purchases you requested
  • To provide the customer service you require
  • To keep you informed about the updates of the website and all regarding terms


Although it has been detailed about the disclosure of your Personal Data in this Privacy Policy, we reserve the right to disclose data in cases that we believe are reasonable. Such instances are listed below but not limited to those listed:

  • To satisfy any laws and regulations, local, state, or Federal
  • To respond to requests in the case of criminal, civil, or administrative processes, subpoenas, court orders, writs from the law enforcement and/or other governmental and legal bodies
  • To take legal action against a user who has violated the law or the terms of use of the Website
  • As is obligatory for the proper operation of the Website
  • To cooperate with any lawful investigations regarding our users.
  • In case of any suspected fraudulent activities on the website or activities that violate our Terms and Conditions and other applicable guidelines.


We may send you marketing and informational communication about our website, like announcements and other information. If you don’t wish to receive such divulgence, you may contact us here You can also unsubscribe from such emails by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of such communications.

You can unsubscribe from the above-mentioned type of emails, but you will still receive information that is specific to you as a user and your account with us.

By disclosing your Personal Data to the website in any form, you have consented to the creation of a commercial relationship with us and have consented to any emails from us or third-party affiliates. Even such unsolicited emails cannot be legally defined as SPAM.


If you are willing to modify, delete, or access any information we have about you, you can put in a request with us.


By the continued use of our website in any manner, you have acknowledged, accepted, and agreed that transmission of information and data via the internet is not completely secure, no matter the measures which are taken. You also acknowledge, accept, and agree that we cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose with us and that any transmission is done at your own risk.


Your many rights concerning your Personal Data are as specified below:

  • The right to be enlightened about the processing of your Personal Data
  • The right to access your Personal Data
  • The right to update your Personal Data
  • The right to correct your Personal Data
  • The right to oppose and/or limit the Personal Data processing
  • The right to request for a stop in the processing of Personal Data and the deletion of the same
  • The right to block Personal Data processing concerning any applicable law

You can exercise the aforementioned rights by contacting us here


If you have any questions/queries about this Privacy Policy, the manner of collection of data, or if you’d like to launch an objection regarding the Privacy Policy, you may contact us here

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