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How India’s leading learning company tripled its traffic and improved its bounce rate by 28% in 2 quarters?

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Want to learn more about how SME-enhanced content can improve your website's engagement?

India’s biggest educational platform had stagnant growth in 2018-19. The engagement on their website and the bounce rate were at an all-time high. This was a matter of concern for the stakeholders.

Cue to 2020, with the pandemic at its peak, elearning organizations became the savior of many parents in India. Every parent wanted their child to study online. This is when the company decided to leverage this to its advantage and started to invest in content writing.

With TCs industry-educated writers and SMEs, we were able to chart out a strategy for them that churned out content that resonated with the audience. This also helped improve their place in the market exponentially.

Challenges Before Rock Content

Challenges Faced

The biggest challenge was content that was accurate and helped the company get students onto its website. TC operated in a BOT format. Build Operate and Transfer (internally). This means that after we understood the client’s requirement, we built an excellent team of industry-educated writers and SMEs, operated them for a short period to see the results, and then after the results, we transferred them solely to the client’s project. This not just helped with consistent content, but also helped in maintaining top-notch quality and highly responsive content.
Ms Chetna, the Marketing Director (then) of this organisation presented these metrics to her Board in December 2020. “Our problem was never content writing, it was in fact SME related content. Ed techs like us need content that is vetted thoroughly by a specialized team. TC has finally helped us achieve that.”

“With other content companies, we have struggled to do proper content writing. They promise multiple levels of checks, but it’s never done. TC formulated a team for us that was vetted by not just them, but also us. This has helped us immensely.”
Chetna and her team decided to outsource their once in-house blogs to TC who were experts in this sphere.

Did long-form content really help?

Chetna mentioned that they were able to achieve their marketing metrics for over 18 months just with long-form content. With TCs best content writing services, be the master of your domain.

Publishing long-form content helps position you as an authority in your field. If you consistently publish high-quality pieces that delve deep into a subject matter relevant to your audience’s interest area then people will start viewing you as an expert in the field.

Long-form content can help improve search engine rankings. Google’s algorithm favors high-quality, comprehensive articles over short pieces with little substance. By providing in-depth information on a topic, you increase your chances of ranking higher on search engine results pages.

Long-form pieces tend to attract more backlinks from other websites. When readers find valuable information within a blog post or article, they are more likely to share it with others through social media or by linking back to the original source on their own website.

Future Collaborations

Chetna mentioned, “In order to grow and succeed in the industry, we surely will keep getting content writing done from TC. We can now clearly picture our company’s growth in the next six months. In the near future, we will get our case studies, testimonials, and also e-books done by the experts at TC.”

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