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SAAS, being one of the competitive industries in today's time, how did a leading SAAS company create unique content and increase its total visits?

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Want to know how to level up your sales and multiply your customer engagement through an effective content-creating strategy?

Software-As-A-Service has completely changed the traditional definition of all types of cloud services. Not just the user gets the privilege to avail of high-quality services, but also on a tight budget. While SAAS has spread its roots almost everywhere, it has also led many companies come to put up heavy competition.

Reason? Well, apart from coming up with new inputs every now and then, the pandemic is also to be blamed for such a neck-to-neck competition. When people were restricted to their homes, the SAAS industry was its biggest growth phase and took the leverage(Zoom is a very successful example). The revenue was eye-popping and the industry was at USD 200 billion+.

Now this was a threat to the company we were working with. They wanted to create unique content for their audience for a long time. But because they were doing well, they didn’t bother much about doing something soon.

But after such a revolution in the industry, they wanted to do something about their content very soon. Our team was called for it and we took the task as a challenge.

After going through everything, we devised a plan to create some fresh, handy, easy-to-read content, and boom! The feedback was positive, the content engagement was almost double, and the page average was 85 seconds!

Now before we discuss what we did, let’s see

What Were The Challenges Before Us?

The challenge was to create good content to attract more readers. Now we don’t really consider this as a challenge, the reason being we do this all the time. Creating genuine content for our clients is our responsibility, and we don’t consider it a challenge at all.

But there was another thing apart from this– content that’s loved by the audience. Well, doing this was not difficult, rather it required a group of industry-expert writers– the ones we are already equipped with.

Our writers brainstormed the topics, used a creative approach, and wrote some good pieces in a few weeks. After the content went to their handles, the results were very promising.

How Did Our Content Help?

Well, our content didn’t do anything extra, except focussing on “uniqueness”. Content writing is not only about creating heavy articles with flashy titles, it also requires a writer’s craftiness and diligence to create something that stays with the reader.

When we got the project, we spent half of the time discussing all the aspects we needed to take care of. And after we reached a consensus, there was no looking back. Our writers created a framework and did everything according to the plan.

After we submitted our work, their content management team was more than satisfied. Ms Radhika, their Content Manager said, “In order to make a good impression among your audience, you need powerful content that talks with them. We got the exact content from TC. When they were working with us, they listened to all our concerns. Their content was interactive and had a natural flow in it.”

The company will also be working closely with TC for all their future projects from now on.

Upcoming Projects:

Apart from just writing, we do all other things that many people are unknown about. These things are not “out of the world”, but rather simple and very effective. In the past, we have used these techniques for our clients, and the results were always satisfactory. It’s not rocket science, it’s expertise, simplicity, and most importantly experience.

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