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Wondering how one of the most renowned e-commerce companies increased its revenue by a whopping 79%?

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Thinking of a way to scale up your content and make it desirable for your audience?

India has become the pinnacle country for e-commerce dealings. Thrift stores, personalized designs, gadgets– name anything, it’s these e-commerce platforms that have been doing so well for so long. The fact that people can just order anything they want, process a UPI payment, and boom– the product is at your doorstep. As if it’s the aim of these enterprises to provide as better services as they can.

But everything comes down to “being seen” enough to have an audience in the first place. Well, advertisements are the best way to gather as much audience as a company can. But it’s not always advertisements, it’s something, something unique about the platform that gathers quality audiences.

This e-commerce company was dealing with a similar issue– not being seen enough by the people. Even if they had a generous amount of written content, the traffic was not so promising. The lack of proper content optimization stood as a huge obstacle before the company.

It was time for them to do something about it. Because keeping the lack of exposure aside, the competition was also putting forward a strong leg. After the right analysis, they considered changing their content and contacted our team.

When this issue came to us, it also took us some time to take everything into account. E-commerce being such a huge industry was still not getting enough leads. As surprising as it was, our writers also noticed a pattern. All their content, most of them at least lacked CTAs. Not only this, it didn’t have a proper structure, was too short, and apparently didn’t sound convincing to the reader.

Our TC writers broke the pattern, created fresh, effective, and engaging content, and used CTAs wherever necessary.

Result? A sudden increase in the Page’s Total Visits. Not only the visits, we also witnessed a significant revenue increase in a matter of two months.

So, what exactly did we do?
Let’s see


As mentioned before, the company wasn’t rightly addressed by its audience. The page visits were at an all-time low, revenue was negligible, and sales were almost going down. Now the reasons were many – competition, poor content management, lack of right know-how to improve long-form content, etc.

The biggest challenge was to make the content scalable. Writing content is different but making it good enough for the reader is tough of a task. Rather, it’s a crafty business, if you want to know the truth. And the company’s previous content lacked the much-needed craftiness.

But, giving up was not an option for us as well. As it was about using an approach, to make the content creative and easy to digest for the audiences, it was not that difficult for our writers. In TC we always love to take challenges. These challenges make us worthy of our clients and give us a chance to prove ourselves. And our writers have always been proving themselves through their perseverance and creativity.

We did everything we could– ample research, maintaining a friendly tonality, creating the hooks whenever necessary, and most importantly doing all these without crossing the boundary.

By just doing these, the content looked promising but the game was still on. The revenue wasn’t catching up. Then it was time for us to play our magic wand– using CTAs. And that was the spark! The content not only looked promising but 2xed the revenue in a few weeks.

In an interview, their MD Ms Ashna said, “Being a leading e-commerce company with hundreds of outlets all across the country has its pros and cons. You will have to take care of so many things at one time. And if you are doing everything right, you might miss scaling your brand, which is exactly what happened in our case a year ago. Our page visits were fewer, our content wasn’t attracting people, and on top of this, it devastated our scope of generating revenue. After several attempts to figure out what was wrong, we finally thought of scaling our content. We contacted a well-known writing agency– Transportation. They were humble enough to take this up. And to our surprise, the content they created was way better. We just had to put these long-format blogs on our page. In a letter of weeks, we saw good improvement. We kept on doing the same and the rest is history.”

Ms. Ashna highly spoke of our writers and appreciated our efforts in every way possible.

But, the question here is–

How did our content help?

As said earlier, content writing is a crafty business. Not everyone with writing skills can crack it, unless there is proper optimization, knowledge about the demographics, and several other factors like experience, expertise, etc.

Our content didn’t do anything different rather than the regular thing: research, write, and curate. But we did some things in a different way.

We researched everything, even the content that was ranked at the top. After that, we compared that with the company’s content and noted down the differences. Our writers did their separate research about the company. They created a framework– using hooks wherever necessary, including the keywords more often, and did the CTAs at the right place. To be honest, CTA was the game changer.

The page visits increased, the sales percentage was all-time high, and a 79 79% revenue increase in a matter of weeks. The results were satisfactory. In addition to all this the most important thing was that our client was very happy after we submitted our work.

For future projects:

Ms. Chetna has given us her word for all the forthcoming projects of their company. She has bestowed her confidence in us to produce more effective long-form content in the future.

As our team of writers has always given the best, we have had a lot of privileged projects from different ventures in recent times. If you want to scale your content and increase the total page visits through long-form articles and blogs contact– 9990084440