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How did a top-tier private sector bank amp up its online engagement by 45% in just a couple of months?

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Wondering how well-curated content can multiply your engagement profile?

One of the biggest private sector banks in the country faced an engagement crisis for the last couple of years. The reasons were many– cutthroat competition in the same venture, lack of exposure, poor quality content, etc.

And to roughen the rough, the finance industry took a steeping flight at the same time. Around 2000 new startups emerged within a year. No doubt, the pandemic was only to be blamed for, but growth like that seemed more than worse for the company.

Now, the chances of revival from such a dramatic fall looked like a big deal. So what did they do? There was nothing they could do but just play their last card to gain leverage– focussing on their content.

They contacted our team for creating and curating their content. Our team noted all their pain points. We skimmed through everything and tried to figure out all the reasons for their low profile. After a long discussion with our TC’s writers, we developed an approach for them.

And out of the obvious, not only did our content give them the expected ‘leverage’, their engagement sky-rocketed in the first month itself.



Apart from a low profile, their content talked only about numbers and jargon. As a result, it posed difficulty for an average reader to understand what was written. The biggest challenge was to create content that is not just easy to read but also has a “hook” in it. 

TC’s team of writers have always tried to simplify complex information. Our writers took up this as a challenge and used a “breakdown” approach. We jotted down all the information, broke it down into smaller chunks, and created some highly-engaging blogs and articles. Now, this content had a natural flow in it. As soon as we started putting it on their website, the page average took a huge leap. 

But it wasn’t over yet. We still had to make sure that the page engagement is at its acme point. So what did we do? We improved their page optimization. This naturally attracted new visitors and kept them “hooked” for a long time. The page even witnessed “repeat traffic” every now and then. 

When asked about this spike, Mr Palitkar, their MD quoted “We never thought our content could make such a profound impact on our audience. Frankly speaking, our engagement was not so good for quite some time and our website was not reaching the right audience. Though we have talked with a few writing agencies before, we never got the expected results in return. It was until we met the “Transcurators Team”. They heard our concern carefully and devised a very simple, yet rare approach to improve the quality of our content.”

Mr Palitkar and the team have bestowed their confidence on our writers for creating more content in the future as well.

How did our content strategy help?

There is no magic in our content. It is all about picking up everything as a challenge and doing it the right way. We focus on figuring out the voids and creating an effective strategy to meet those voids. Consistently creating highly engaging blogs and articles requires a team of experienced, industry-specific writers. And honestly, our team is made up of them. 

About upcoming collaborations:

In Mr Palitkar‘s words, “Fintech is a booming industry that requires consistent, high-quality content for sustenance. We can make it happen by working with an agency like TC. Not just because our engagement has increased eight folds, but also because the scope to cater for a bigger audience looks achievable now. As far as we are reaching  more people and getting what we want, TC is always going to create content for us.”

Content writing is an easy affair. What’s not is making the content “heard” rather than just being “read”. Looking forward to levelling up your finance journey and improving your engagement? You can start by calling us on +91 9990084440.