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How To Write Engaging Video Titles And Descriptions For Youtube

How to write title and description in YouTube?


With 2 billion monthly active users on YouTube, your target audience is always on the social media platform. So, you have created amazing videos that deliver value to your audience. But how to get their attention when more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute? Your audience will only watch your videos if they like what they see first. 

You need to know how to write a title and description in YouTube that pleases YouTube’s algorithm and influences the human mind. Think of it like creating a sales pitch that invites a call to action. Essentially, titles and descriptions should compel your audience to click on the video link and subscribe. Let’s explore how to write titles on YouTube videos that are engaging and click-worthy. 

How To Write Title And Description In Youtube?

When you want to know how to write a YouTube title, the first advice you will get is to keep it short. Even though you can write 100 character titles, you need to keep it under 70 characters. YouTube descriptions can be 5000 characters long, but you must deliver the key message in 125 characters. Your topics must be relevant to your audience, and ideally, they should be exactly what they are looking for at the moment. 

One thing you must avoid is clickbait content. You will quickly lose credibility if your users don’t find value in your content. There are a host of AI tools that you can use to create relevant videos and YouTube content. 

Tips On How To Write Best Title For YouTube Video

  • Research Keywords

Do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google? So, you must do thorough keyword research and include those in your titles and descriptions. 

  •  Drive Curiosities

Arousing the curiosity of viewers will make them click on the YouTube video. To know how to write titles on YouTube, understand what your audience is looking for and use images and capitalizations to increase their curiosity. 

  •  Invite Action In Description

Always include a call to action in the description to invite viewers to subscribe, like, comment, or click on links. 

  •  Invoke Emotions

You can include emojis and attention-grabbing words that kindle the audience’s emotions. 

  •  Watch Competitors

One of the best ways to attract an audience is to watch what your successful competitors are doing. Pay attention to their keyword usage and create something similar, but ensure that you don’t simply copy their work. 

  •  Use Hooks

In the title and description, use hooking words to make your audience want to click and know more. Offer something of value in the description in exchange for subscribing or clicking on website links. 

  •  Humanize Title And Description

Using keywords in the title is important, but you should not forget that your titles are for human audiences. Focusing more on influencing YouTube algorithms may cause you to lose focus on humanizing your content. 

  •  Enable Default Descriptions

Adding consistent channel-related information to all videos is important to build a reputation. Use YouTube’s default description settings to add such information. However, make each video description unique and relevant. 

  •  Optimize For All Devices

Your title and description will be displayed differently on different devices. So, while looking for how to write the best title for your YouTube video, you must preview your videos on multiple devices to ensure that your title and description aren’t cut off. 

  •  Use Trending Topics

Using trending topics and keywords will drive engagement for your videos. Know what people are searching for and create content relevant to that. 

  •  Follow Headline Framework

Research about common headline frameworks for your niche. To know how to write a YouTube title, look for sales pages and sales letters relevant to your niche and adopt the same framework. 

  •  Leverage Listicles

Create list-type titles that show your audience that you are giving a certain number of tips in the videos. The audience will know exactly what they will gain from looking at the title. 

  •  Focus On Thumbnail

Your YouTube title and description should go together with your video thumbnail. Users will look at these 3 elements first and they will watch the video only if they are impressed.

  •  Try Newsjacking

You can use the exact trending topic in your videos to gain more viewers for the day. However, this is a risky strategy because you should add disclaimers and incorporate some changes to avoid copyright issues. 

  •  Include Hashtags

Including hashtags in video titles and descriptions will help your audience to find your videos more easily using YouTube search. With the right hashtags, your videos can feature on the hashtags page. However, always ensure that the content aligns with the hashtag you use. 


Knowing how to write titles and descriptions in YouTube to engage an audience is essential to grow your YouTube channel. You can build credibility and increase your chances of making your videos go viral. By increasing traffic and gaining subscribers, you can build a brand reputation and connect with your audience on a deeper level to improve your business. 

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  1. Can I use large video descriptions?

On YouTube, you can write descriptions for channels and videos. You can write up to 800 words for descriptions, but the view can immediately see only the first 200 characters above the fold. Your audience can read more below the fold after clicking on the description. 

  1. Can I use multiple keywords in the title?

Yes, you must do thorough keyword research to find related keywords, and you can use 2 to 3 keywords in the title strategically. However, you must remember that the title is what the audience will see, and it shouldn’t be stuffed with just keywords without any value.  

  1. Do the title and description affect the YouTube algorithm?

Yes. YouTube algorithm matches titles, tags, descriptions, and content with search queries to show the most relevant videos for end users.