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With a 44% increase in the engagement rate, how was India's leading sports corporation able to stand out from the crowd?

Thinking of boosting your reach and revenue through an effective content scaling strategy?

In a country like India, sports brands have always been in the picture. Be it contact sports, or indoors, sports merch has always been on sale. According to a statistics report, in the year 2023, the revenue in the sports equipment segment is about USD 17.30 Billion! Just by the figure, you must have acknowledged the prevalence of the sports industry.

And it’s also a competition for the brands as well. The competition is so neck-to-neck, you might forget everything it had to do with sports. Every brand claims itself to be the best, and no doubt they are, but the market keeps expanding, and the smaller brands feel the pressure. If you haven’t heard this, there are brands for sports drinks as well. This is the level of competition we are talking about here.

Just a year ago, this company was perfectly balancing everything– audience, products, and revenue. With the coming time, the brand’s popularity seemed to be feeble. Not that they didn’t make good revenue, but they weren’t making their expected revenue. They couldn’t find out the reason but rather thought it to be a part of the game.

Cut to a few weeks ago, the decline in their engagement was visible. The thing that was marginal a year ago, was now very clearly visible. The worst part was it kept on declining and this was a cause of concern for the company.

The company started digging deeper into the subject and it was their content they realized they needed to fix. They knew advertisements will naturally make a good audience flow, but did they have that “sort of content” to improve engagement? Probably no.

So, they discussed their worries with Transcurtaors. When they first came to us, they were very worried about the decline. Though the decrease wasn’t devastating, it still impacted their business in several ways.

We made an online appointment with their team. We jotted down everything and made sure to give this a creative shot. Because in the end, it was creativity in the content that was missing, which eventually harmed their engagement profile.

We just had to spill creativity into the content and add some hooks, which we have a lot of experience doing. And that was the reason the company gained half of the lost engagement percentage in 5 weeks!


This time, the challenges were comparatively less than the ones we have seen before. Creativity was the primary requirement, and with the best team of writers, we never had an issue with creativity.

Not just our writers have expertise in writing, content optimization, and keyword placement, but also have industry-related experience. They consider everything as a challenge and give their best. This time too, they did all they could and made sure that the engagement reached its peak.

We started by making the content highly readable. We used very simple words, the ones that teenagers can even easily digest. We took care of SEO, hook, and CTAs. Our approach was simple– research dense and easy to read. And within a few weeks, we were able to deliver all the content.

The content manager, Mr. Gill was satisfied at the end of the work. We delivered everything on time, according to what Mr. Gill asked us to. He quoted– “Long-form content is a powerful tool to get the best out of engagement. Sometimes, sports brands require to produce good content for their audience to read. When readers go through long-form content, they come across all the features– even the ones that are easy to miss out. And if you have someone like TC, you need not worry about the quality of your content. They take care of that very well.”

Mr. Gill and the team are looking forward to signing more content projects with TC’s team in the near future.

What Was Our Unique Strategy?

Our strategy was indeed unique, but more importantly, it was based on the fundamentals of writing. You see these days many writers are craving powerful vocabulary and top-tier articles, which is undoubtedly great, but these articles aren’t earning the right audience.

There is enough knowledge and sophisticated information on the internet, and as a result, simplicity has become a luxury. Whereas simple information with a friendly tone is mightier than tough information with an impersonal tone. And we focus on simplicity and foundations all the time.

There is another factor that separates good content from the average one– finding the voids. Finding voids in a piece of writing is easy, but filling them with the right knowledge is difficult. Our writers are great at filling these voids– curating, optimization, hooks, choice of words, tone, etc.

And when they started filling the right voids with the right information, the content came out to be magnificent. We were satisfied with our work, and so was our client.

Future Collaborations:

As Mr. Gill has said to us about future collaborations, it is certain that the company will get their content done by our writers. They just like the style of our writers, and honestly, our writers are the backbone of our agency. TC has become a leading agency because of its impeccable team of writers who have the right experience and the know-how to scale any content.

If you want to tackle the “engagement block” in your venture and wondering to scale up your visits, impressions, and audience count, contact us at– 9990084440